Showcase Membership

The management of the society is the responsibility of a Board of Directors, elected annually by the membership.

Members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend monthly board meetings. “Paid-Up” members of the Society, 18 years of age and over, can vote at any meeting of the Society.

Showcase Productions welcomes new members at any time of the year. Dues are payable at time of joining and then annually on or before end of the fiscal year (the fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30).

If you have any questions about a Showcase Production Society membership we'd be glad to hear from you! Call us at 902-667-1900 or use our Contact Form to send us a note. Prefer email? Here's our email address: (copy and paste into your mail program).


Membership Benefits


The group encourages family participation in all their activities and offer a family membership as well as an individual membership. A family membership is just $25 and individual memberships are $10

Special Deals

Half-price tickets for all Showcase Productions opening night shows.
Discounts on our theatre craft workshops and camps
Tour discounts are occasionally available exclusively to our members
Access to our extensive costume inventory for parties and occasions
Social get-togethers
Other benefits that may occur from time to time

Regular Newsletter

A regular e-newsletter to members to keep you in the know about upcoming meetings, auditions, socials events, tours, news and specials.

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A Showcase Productions Society Membership is a great deal. Download our easy 1 page application form.

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