Did You See Spamalot?

June 17, 2014 Linda Fraser Shows, News

For months I'd been following the rehearsal, music and dance practices through the Spamalot Facebook group. This group, by the way, is set-up to faciliate information flow during the production of a play, and members come and go as the various plays end and new ones begin. I was not in this play, but hoped to help out backstage, so that's how I came to be in this group. So to return to my point, it would be clear to anyone following the posts in this group, that they were having a blast. There was much banter and commentary after each rehearsal. And I had no idea what any of it meant. Until I saw the play!

The play itself was fun and funny, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I want to say thanks for the laughs!

The photos on here came from the Spamalot Facebook group page, photo credits to Cathy Shewfeld and Stephen Wells. Thank you.

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