We are a Small Group of Volunteers Doing Big Things!

Local theatre, theatre tours, summer musical theatre camps for youth, bursaries, scholarships, sponsorships and workshops are some of the things we do.

About Us ... in the beginning

Showcase Productions Society was formed in May of 1990 as the result of interested actors and singers wanting to present musical theatre productions. Our first venture into the world of music was to stage a student recital featuring some of the best musical students Amherst had to offer. Later that fall, we staged the overwhelmingly successful production of We’ll Meet Again, a musical review commissioned by the Royal Canadian Legion, to celebrate the veterans of the World Wars. With a capacity audience of six hundred for each performance, that show established a new record for theatrical audiences in Amherst. That record continues to be unbroken today.

With our successful beginning, we have gone on to produce many successful shows, delivering on our promise to develop a continuing interest and appreciation for musical theatre in the Amherst area.

About Us ... Our Second Goal

A second, but perhaps the most important, objective of the Society is to provide opportunities for, and financial assistance to, deserving students who wish to further their interest in the many facets of the performing arts. To that end we have established a fund devoted to that purpose.

You can read more about the important Scholarship/Sponsorship/Bursary work.

About Us ...
Our Tours

Showcase Productions Society , in meeting their objective of providing an avenue for the appreciation of quality theatre, instituted an annual excursion to Broadway, New York. For the past number of years, our group has been organizing and escorting fall and spring tours to the big apple to see the very latest in theatrical entertainment. Participants come from all over the maritime provinces and as far away as Montreal. Profits from these tours go to the scholarship and sponsorship fund. More recently, our excursions have broadened to include other destinations, including Atlantic professional theatres.

Read more about our Tours and check out our brochures and tour related information.